2016年4月25日、エルピクセル株式会社(以下、エルピクセル)は、論文画像不正検出サービスをグローバルにて展開するため、iGroup(Asia Pacific)Ltd.(以下、アイグループ)の創業者であるPote Lee氏(以下、リー氏)と、海外ジョイントベンチャー設立に向けた契約を締結いたしました。



「エルピクセルは、画像不正加工や剽窃などを検知する精度とスピードを飛躍的に高めます。」とエルピクセルの創業者である島原 佑基(代表取締役)は述べ、以下のように続けています。「このシステムが新しい科学の基盤となり、より研究者が研究に集中できる環境ができると考えています。」




iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd.

iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. (本社: 香港、会長:Pote Lee)は、技術と情報のリーディングプロバイダーとして、グローバル展開しています。査読付論文や学術系電子書籍に代表される領域を強みとし、図書館や研究者のワークフローソリューション、学術界や出版業界に向けた剽窃・転用防止ソリューションを提供しています。








エルピクセル株式会社(本社: 東京都文京区、代表取締役: 島原佑基)は、東京大学の画像解析に精通した生命科学の研究者が中心となって、2014年3月に設立したベンチャー企業です。







iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. 広報担当: Judy Lee(英語)



エルピクセル株式会社 広報担当:五十嵐 美樹(日本語)



Mr.Lee, founder of the iGroup and LPixel form a Joint Venture for Image Analysis

(25/4/2016, Hong Kong) Mr.Lee, founder of the iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. is pleased to announce a joint venture with LPixel, the developer of groundbreaking image analysis technology and services with a special focus on image plagiarism.

The LPixel team has led the world as a pioneer of video and image analysis in the life sciences at the University of Tokyo, since 2000.

LPixel has a world best track record on the development of image processing software to meet the needs of researchers, publishers and others. The research image service detects image manipulation and plagiarism in research papers as well as facilitating the growth analysis of plants, motion analysis and three dimensional image measurements.

“LPixel speeds up detection of image manipulation and plagiarism,” says Yuki Shimihara, CEO and Founder. “We also offer consulting, planning of the image capturing device, study of the shooting conditions, operation and maintenance of the software, and we create the reports.”

“The joint venture will open up iGroup Global Sales and Marketing Channels to bring LPixel’s image analysis and antiplagiarism services to a world-wide audience,” says the Chairman of iGroup, Pote Lee. “LPixel’s technology and services are leaders in their field and will continue to expand with iGroup support.”


LPixel, Inc.

The LPixel team being a pioneer of image analysis from its inception in 2000 at the University of Tokyo is now a world leader in its field. To develop further its technologies and services, LPixel was incorporated in 2014. It is led by Yuki Shimihara from the Graduate School of The University of Tokyo (Life Science). The LPixel website in Japanese and English is here:


Mr.Lee, founder of the iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd.

The iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. is a leading technology and information provider with a global presence. The iGroup represents top peer reviewed journals and eBooks, provides workflow solutions for libraries and researchers and offers antiplagiarism solutions to academia and the publishing industry. Its website is here:


Contact (Japanese): Miki Igarashi (LPixel)



Contact (English): Judy Lee (iGroup)