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  • Yuki ShimaharaCEO & Founder

    iGEM bronze prize

    Majoring in the life sciences, Yuki completed his master’s degree at the University of Tokyo. Yuki started his career at GREE Inc., where he took part in business strategy and human resources management. At the second IT firm, Yuki gained experience in global business development. He later established LPixel Inc. in March 2014 along with his two colleagues studying in the same university laboratory. Yuki was selected to join the Next Innovator 2015 Project in Silicon Valley, which was hosted by the Japan METI. He was also featured in Forbes Asia 30 under 30.

  • Natsumaro Kutsuna Ph.D.CTO

    Dr. Kutsuna completed his graduate studies and Ph.D. at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at the University of Tokyo. Dr. Kutsuna also serves as an Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo. In 2001, Dr. Kutsuna participated in a study which was adopted by Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (IPA). Dr. Kutsuna’s works have also received honorable mentions in business competitions in Japan. Aside from academia, Dr. Kutsuna has won in Japanese computer Shoji competitions.

  • Kei Kojo Ph.D.Co-Founder

    Dr. Kojo received his Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at the University of Tokyo. As part of his doctoral program, he researched image processing techniques for life science images. Dr. Kojo specializes in the quantitative analysis of life science images by effectively unifying programming technology with his knowledge in life science. In addition to his main work on plant cultured cells. Dr. Kojo currently works as a postdoctoral researcher in the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

  • Tomoaki NaganoChief Engineer

    Part way through his graduate studies at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tomoaki entered Fixstars Corporation to take part in projects to optimize and port medical image processing programs. His efforts were shortly transformed into success as he was promoted to a project leader, leading major projects which involved the development of in-car image systems for measuring devices such as electronic microscopes, mass spectrometers, and spectrophotometers.

  • Ko Sugawara Ph.D.Chief Engineer

    As a Ph.D. holder, as well as a pharmacist, from the University of Tokyo in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. Sugawara currently works as a researcher in the field of biophysics. His research revolves around the nanoscale localization and dynamics analysis of intracellular mRNA using single-molecule fluorescence microscopy.

  • Guanghui WangEngineer

    After finishing his studies in engineering at Yokohama National University and Dalian University of Technology, Guanghui spent over three years developing various large-scale insurance and mapping systems. He then returned to school where he studied inpainting and automatic colorization. Guanghui later entered a Japanese printing company where he took part in the development of IC card issuance systems.

  • Satoshi Kida Ph.D.Engineer

    Radiological Physics and Technology in 2013

    The University of Tokyo is the place where Dr. Kida earned his degree in physical engineering and Ph.D. in Medicine. With focus on CT scan image reconstruction and radiology, Dr. Kida’s research extended to William Beaumont Hospital, University of California, Davis, and many world-renowned hospitals. His main studies revolved around medical imaging technology. Dr. Kida belongs to the Japan Society of Medical Physics, and currently works as a certified medical physicist and radiation protection supervisor.

  • Takahiro UesakaCMO

    Takahiro completed his graduate studies and acquired his Master of Technology in Information Systems at the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT). Takahiro’s research topic focused on Network-on-Chip (NoC) optimization, with specific attention to OASIS NoC Topology Optimization with Short-Path Link. He kick-started his professional career by entering a market design company, where he was in charge of starting up the monetizing and other new businesses.

  • Yoshiharu Ryu MD,Ph.D.Doctor and Researcher

    Dr. Ryu acquired his Ph.D. in Medicine at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University. He completed his undergraduate studies in China and his graduate studies in electrical engineering at the University of Tokyo. Dr. Ryu is multi-faceted, and works as a certified doctor and specialist in medical screening, radio-diagnosis, nuclear medicine, and mammography interpretation. Dr. Ryu currently works at a clinic to perform medical screenings.

  • Mariko TakahashiMedical Business

    Soon after completing her nutritional sciences degree at the University of British Columbia, Mariko moved to Japan to broaden her career perspectives. After taking over various roles such as Japanese to English translation and human resources at various institutions, Mariko IT expanded her professional profile by entering an IT firm where she was responsible for global marketing and localization tasks.

  • Masaaki KoyabashiDirector, Medical Business

    Masaaki graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. He joined Fujitsu. After transferring to Fujifilm, Masaki was involved in the development of FCR, the world’s first device to detect and display medical diagnostic x-rays digitally. He later learned about the marketability for PACS in the US. Returning to Japan, Masaaki worked at Fujifilm Medical, where he launched and helped expand the PACS business. Masaaki spent 11 years serving as one of the board members in the company.

  • Shiho ToyonoriGeneral Manager, Medical Business

    Shiho acquired her master’s degree from the Department of Human and Engineered Environmental Studies at the University of Tokyo. Shiho later joined Ricoh, and took part in development and design for multi-function and high speed printing machines. She was also involved in the startup of the healthcare business, where she was responsible for corporate planning, along with the planning and marketing for healthcare management services for other corporations.

  • Aya TonouchiProject Manager, Research and Development

    Part way through her studies at the medical school at Kanazawa University, Aya entered Chuo University to study law and later got accepted to Waseda Law School. Her research focused on no fault compensation systems for medical malpractice lawsuits. Aya’s career started at an IT firm where she worked as a programmer for HR-related systems. Her high performance was recognized as she was promoted to a project leader for the ERP package planning department. There, she took part in the planning, maintenance, and launch for the startup of the company’s large-scale cloud service.

  • Hiroaki Shimura General Manager, Corporate

    Hiroaki graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology at Sophia University. His career started at Sogo-Shosha, where he was responsible for a myriad of tasks including sales, marketing, corporate and business strategy. Prior to joining LPixel, he served as senior vice president of corporate strategy, human resources and public relations at social game and internet media companies.

  • Akiyuki SakakibaraEngineer

    Akiyuki completed his engineering degree at Osaka University. During the course of his studies, he conducted research on designing diffusion scenarios for solar power systems. Akiyuki entered the Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University to complete his master’s degree in information science. His research topic was on traffic signal control for improving traffic flow in urban areas.

  • Dmytro YashkirEngineer

    Dmytro earned his computer science degree with honours from Brock University in Canada. During his undergraduate studies, he worked as a research assistant on a project in Mineral identification and Edge identification in Petrographic images using Genetic Programming. Following that, he worked as a freelancer and software developer for a number of startups, specializing in Node.js and iOS development.

  • Antoine ChoppinChief Engineer, Medical Business

    After graduating from the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Belgium with a degree in computer engineering, Antoine completed his master’s degree in information processing at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Antoine started his career at IBA, where he was involved in the software development for a proton radiation therapy device at Massachusetts General Hospital. Antoine moved to Japan and entered GE Healthcare, where he served as a software architect to develop software for MRI imaging devices. He was later appointed as the technical lead of a new team based in Japan to develop a web-based PACS viewer.

  • Hiroki Kawai Ph.D.Engineer

    Dr. Kawai completed his graduate studies and Ph.D. at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at the University of Tokyo. His research was focused on the mechanisms that regulate the maintenance of undifferentiated state of neural stem cells. During his studies, Hiroki took part at the iGEM hosted at MIT, and was awarded the bronze prize for his outstanding achievements. He was a part of the JSPS Research Fellowships for Young Scientists (DC1) and served as a research fellow at the University of Tokyo to lead a study on neural stem cell research.

  • Tadashi MiyamotoEngineer

    Tadashi completed his master’s degree at Tokyo Medical and Dental University and attended the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo. His impressive portfolio extends to serving as a medical technician, and being a part of the JSPS Research Fellowships for Young Scientists (DC1) between 2013 to 2016, where he conducted research on the elucidation of cellular state transition attractors in establishment of iPS cells and direct reprogramming. Tadashi has also established his own private office, developing data analysis and image processing software. He has previously been awarded the “Oxford Journals – Japanese Society for Bioinformatics Prize.”

  • Susumu KoikeCIO, Corporate

    A graduate from the Faculty of Science at Niigata University, Susumu began working as a financial system engineer for Fujitsu, developing information systems and providing clientele support. After being transferred to the planning department, Susumu took part in devising mid-term business plans for the software service department. He was also involved in IR. In the systems department, Susumu was responsible for enhancing development productivity. As the main person in charge of the information systems department, Susumu was involved in managing the ISMS certification acquisition process, providing all-around technical support for system development, and converting corporate know-hows into shared databases. His expertise was met with great success as he rose to the position of the Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Fujitsu Group.

  • Masahiro WadaEngineer

    Masahiro finished his master’s degree in engineering at the University of Electro-Communications. His professional career commenced at Morpho, where he was involved in the development of image processing technology for mobile phones. After joining COLOPL, Masahiro took part in the development and operation of social games. At the Japan branch of TeraRecon, Masahiro developed and conducted research on algorithms for medical image processing.

  • Nozomi TakinoMedical Business

    Nozomi brings over 10 years of professional work experience leading new business development for the life sciences industry. After studying abroad in San Diego to complete his degree in international business, Nozomi joined a IT systems company where he was responsible for constructing infrastructures for Windows systems. At SIOS Technology Co., Ltd., Nozomi was involved in the business development team for open source products and sales for system architecture. At CTC Life Science, Nozomi honed his skills in business development for both pharmaceutical and medical products. Nozomi has also gained extensive experience in both domestic and global business development from working at SAS Institute Japan and A2Healthcare Corp.

  • Romero Dennis Ph.D.Engineer

    Dr. Romero completed his graduate studies at Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral-ESPOL in Ecuador and obtained his Ph.D. from Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo – UFES in Brazil. Dennis was a member of the Center for Research, Development and Innovation of Computer Systems (CIDIS) at ESPOL University and Director of the Pattern Recognition Research Group. In 2016, his research project on histological image analysis obtained a Microsoft Azure Research Sponsorship.

  • Akihiro FukudaEngineer

    Akihiro holds a master’s degree in health sciences from Osaka University. His main area of research during his studies focused on image analysis and developing 3D Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems. Prior to joining LPixel, Akihiro was with Canon Inc., where was responsible for the research and development of image analysis technologies for cameras. He is also an experienced radiologic technician.

  • Asuka SandoHR/PR Manager, Corporate

    Prior to entering LPixel, Asuka served as a radiologist technician at a university hospital. She obtain her radiologist technician certification after graduating from the University of Tsubuka, where she majored in sports medicine.

  • Kayo MurakamiRA/QA, Medical Business

    Kayo graduated from Tohoku University with a degree in biomolecular science. Her professional career began at a cosmetic company, where she was involved in the development of health foods. After joining a pharmaceutical company a few years later, Kayo gained extensive experience in regulatory affairs. Her skills shined at Merck Serono Co., Ltd. as she was in charge of regulatory registration of new drugs and managing business licenses of the company. At Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K., Kayo was responsible for leading a regulatory submission team in regulatory affairs. After living abroad for two years, juggling housework and raising a family, Kayo entered AstraZeneca K.K. to further hone her skills in regulatory affairs.

  • Reiko TatsuRA/QA Manager, Medical Business

    After completing her studies in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Waseda University, Reiko joined an electronics manufacturing company where she honed her skills as a technical writer, creating operation manuals and product catalogues for lighting equipment. At the foreign medical device manufacturing companies, Reiko was responsible for matters related to Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance. These tasks included preparing and managing package inserts, handling regulatory approvals and overseeing QMS compliance inspections.

  • Akira KitamuraEngineer

    Akira finished his master’s degree in information technology at Queensland University in Australia. His research was on simple vs. deep CNN for medical text categorization. Prior to entering the company, Akira served as an intern at LPixel, where he was involved in various projects that used machine learning techniques. One of the projects involved utilizing deep learning to analyze medical image data.

  • Yuki MatsudaDeputy General Manager, Research and Development

    After graduating from the Sanno University Institute of Management, Yuki served as a software engineer working on embedded devices for medical, industrial, and gaming instruments. Other than that, he also has contributed his expertise to developing web services and mobile systems.Recently, Yuki has shifted his focus from being a software developer himself to being a team manager, putting his efforts on project management and team building.

  • Daisaku TakamiyaManager, Corporate

    Daisaku earned his master’s degree in engineering at the University of Tokyo, where he studied photon-electron interactions that used quantum dots and photonic crystals. He was also awarded the Best Student/Young Scientist Award for his studies at CLEO Pacific Rim 2013. Later he started his career at Goldman Sachs, where he served as a credit analyst from 2015 to 2018.

  • Hikari OgumaMedical Business

    California State University of Long Beach Bachelor of Science, in International Business. Worked at Rakuten Inc. as E-Commerce Consultant to increase clients’ Gross Merchandized Sales (GMS), through total consulting including product development, pricing, marketing, web page and sales strategy consulting.

  • Takao Goto Ph.D.Engineer

    Takao earned his Ph.D. in engineering at Utsunomiya University. After graduation, he joined Fujitsu Laboratories where he engaged in research for multi-channel SQUID magnetometers. Upon joining GE Healthcare Japan, Takao contributed to the development of a variety of technology including MRI pulse sequence and magnet/gradient coil system. He also worked on medical image processing using machine learning to improve operator workflow.

  • Tetsu MiyagawaEngineer

    Tetsu earned his masters degree at Tokyo University of Science, where he studied the design and characteristics evaluation of dielectric multilayered film optical filters through computer simulation. He then joined GE Healthcare Japan where he engaged in developing UI, network, database, and hardware control for CT scans and MRI machines. While Tetsu worked as a leader to integrate a global team, he also served as an architect to build system basic design.

  • Miki ArakiEngineer

    Miki earned her Master’s degree of engineering at the Kyoto University where she studied the optimization of multiagent systems. She then entered an electrical manufacturer where she engaged in the research and development of face recognition software. Later on she joined GE Healthcare Japan where she worked on the development of MRI image processing software.

  • Tsuyoshi OgataDirector, Medical Business

    After graduating from Tokyo University of Science Department of Physics, Tsuyoshi worked for a startup software developer where he gained experience covering every process of the development road map. Afterwards he joined GE Healthcare Japan where he engaged primarily in software development for CT scans, serving as an architect, software engineering manager, and later principal engineer. At GE, Tsuyoshi had led a diverse and global team including members from external suppliers and successfully completed a project for high quality CT system.

  • Naphur van ApeldoornEngineer

    Naphur obtained his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering after graduating from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. During his graduate studies, he specialised in the field of Biomechanical engineering, with a focus on the human depth perception. This field of engineering provides solutions that allow the biological and mechanical systems to function effectively together. As part of his graduation thesis, he developed a novel algorithm to reconstruct 3D data from photos and refine the results for 3D printing. The algorithm has been used by the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden to reconstruct lost cultural heritage. Their exhibition won the price of best exhibition of the Netherlands in 2017. After finishing his thesis, Naphur decided to look for opportunities in the medical field at start-ups overseas, which introduced him to LPixel.

  • Yutaka KurashinaEngineer

    After graduating from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yutaka worked for an IT company developing satellite image processing systems and interplanetary trajectory design systems. The systems have been utilized in a variety of space exploration equipment such as the lunar exploration satellite, KAGUYA, and the hyperspectral sensor, HISUI, which will be deployed on the International Space Station. He also worked as a research specialist at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, distinguishing objects from satellite images using deep learning.

  • Takayuki OkamotoEngineer

    Takayuki completed his master’s degree at the Graduate School of Engineering at the Chiba University. His research focused on the real-time identification of blood regions for hemostasis support system in laparoscopic surgery. He joined GE Healthcare Japan where he served as a technologist engaging in software development for CT scans developing image analysis technology by applying machine learning.

  • Yoshiki SoedaMedical Business

    During his studies at Tokai University faculty of Science, Yoshiki’s career started at PSP Corporation as a developer of medical imaging software. At PSP, he then engaged in launching a new department for customer support, and also worked on area management as a sales person. Later he became head of sales promotion contributing to a variety of initiatives such as sales strategy, planning of new products, and management of product development, while supporting major sales projects and giving presentations at academic conferences as well.

  • Kentaro Yamada MD,Ph.D.Doctor and Researcher

    Dr. Yamada is a radiologist specializing in abdominal imaging and interventional radiology. He is also a certified PET and nuclear medicine physician. Dr. Yamada previously served as a medical officer of Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF), and retired JASDF as Major in 2018. During his time at JASDF, Dr. Yamada was dispatched to eastern Japan as part of the medical team to support the victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that occurred in 2011. After completing his Ph.D. at National Defense Medical College (NDMC) in Japan, Dr. Yamada worked as an assistant professor at NDMC Hospital. In June 2018, Dr. Yamada joined Charles T. Dotter Department of Interventional Radiology in Oregon Health & Science University based in the U.S. Dr. Yamada has received many honorable recognitions throughout his career, such as the cum laude at the Annual Meeting of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society 2015 (CIRSE) held in Europe, and the Scientific Exhibit Award in the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.

  • Yasumasa TakakiChief Design Officer

    After his career shift from professional artist to designer, Yasumasa joined a design agency where he engaged in information and visual design of various products. Afterwards he moved on to a business corporation to serve as creative general manager directing a wide variety of design initiatives such as brand management, product design, service design, and organization design.

  • Aya SasakiRA/QA, Medical Business

    After graduating from the department of dental hygiene, obtaining the national dental hygiene certification, Aya engaged in general, preventive, aesthetic and implant dentistry as a dental hygienist. After working abroad for two years, she then shifted her career to work as an assistant at a regulatory affairs department in a pharmaceutical company.

  • Kazumi Hakamada Ph.D.Engineer

    Dr. Hakamada received his Ph. D. from the Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences at Kyushu University. He served assistant professor at University of Tokyo and Osaka University. At both universities, he researched the relationship between gene expression and cell division by using time lapse imagings of cells. Prior to joining LPixel, he served as senior researcher at IVD company and researched recognition of pathological images by deep learning. He was hornored with the excellent paper award at the Society for Biotechnology Japan on 2011.

  • Masayuki DoiEngineer

    Masayuki finished his master’s degree in engineering at the Okayama University. His professional career started at ACCESS, where he was involved in the development of applications for mobile phones. After joining GREE Inc., he took part in the development and operation of massive infrastructre for SNS and mobile games. At the DT Lab, Inc., he developed and conducted research on CNN for computer-aided diagnosis in chest radiography.

  • Hiroaki HyakutakeRA/QA, Medical Business

    After graduating from Gunma University Department of Biochemical Engineering, Hiroaki engaged in research on tribology and development of lubrication coating at a paint manufacturer. Afterwards he devoted to the certification and approval application, clinical trials, and insurance application of Class II~IV medical equipment at domestic/foreign medical equipment manufacturers and an import trading company. He also took on quality assurance roles such as QMS framework construction and audit of manufacturing companies.

  • Yusuke FujimotoEngineer

    Yusuke acquired his Master’s Degree of Engineering at the Waseda University where he conducted research on document tagging methodology using topic models. After graduation, he joined Simplex Corporation and engaged in developing securities trading system. Later he engaged in DB performance tuning and R&D of personal information anonymization at the dispatch destination.

  • Maria SalcedoEngineer

    Maria finished bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at Universidad de Ciencias de la Informatica in Chile. Over the last 4 years, she has worked in the IT and financial industry implementing highly scalable backend architectures, big data analysis, monolithic systems to domain-driven microservice architectures, and customer-oriented product software development. Prior to entering the company, Maria was involved in modeling and implementation of a machine learning bounded system to generate sales predictions, as well as future requisitions based on predicted stock usage.

  • Dimitris KatsiosEngineer

    Dimitris is a Machine Learning Engineer at LPixel. He holds an Industrial Engineering Diploma from Democritus University and a Masters in Intelligent Information Systems from Aegean University among others. He completed his training on Computer Vision at Fujitsu Labs in 2018.
    He took first place in 2017 and 5th in 2018 in the ImageCLEF challenge regarding biomedical images labeling. He participated as an instructor in Deep Learning workshops in Tokyo.

  • Kenichiro FukudaEngineer

    Kenichiro completed the course of system information science at Tohoku University Graduate School. He joined Sony Corporation and engaged in developing a common platform for digital cameras, video cameras and mirrorless SLR. Then he engaged in the development and operation of servers that deliver metadata to TV, recorder and mobile applications. As a team leader of SRE team, he had contributed to the improvement of service reliability.

  • Simon FengEngineer

    Huiyou graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology at China Wuhan University Of Technology. After entering Ericsson, Huiyou was involved in solution proposal, pre-study, development and field support for large-scale 4G/Core Network telecommunication system. After that, at Huawei Japan Research Institute, he was involved in demand analysis, solution proposal, development, and sales strategy support for 5G / IoT communication system. After being transferred to the AI related department, with focus on CV and NLP areas, he was involved in projects such as medical image analysis, fatigue driving detection, handwritten OCR, Re-ID, stock market forecasting by using deep learning and reinforcement learning. He served as a team lead and was in charge of commercial system enhancements as solution proposer and architect.


  • hasezawa

    Seiichiro Hasezawa Ph.D.Advisor

    Dr. Hasazawa currently works as a professor at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences in the University of Tokyo. After receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Hasezawa served as an assistant professor at various universities and academic institutions.

  • tomy_photo

    Tomy Kamada Ph.D.Member of the Board

    Dr. Kamada earned his Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo. In 1984, he pursued his journey to establish his own business that focused on information appliances and mobile software, namely ACCESS Co., Ltd.. With great success, the company entered the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market in 2001. He left ACCESS Co., Ltd. in 2011, and founded TomyK Ltd. in 2012 where he supports startups possessing revolutionary business ideas that revitalize the Japanese economy.

  • 1-1

    Ichio KutsunaPatent Advisor

    Ichio previously used to work for the Japan Patent Office (JPO) as a Director and Chief Administration Judge.

  • Kentaro OgataAuditor

    During his five years at Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC, Kentaro served as an audit for large corporations and helped organizations become publically-listed companies. He joined Tohmatsu Venture Support Co., Ltd., and made an impressive track record of facilitating over 300 startups. His accomplishments included collecting a total of over 3 billion yen in startup grants in a single year. Kentaro’s enthusiasm for supporting startups prospered, as he founded Delight Design. Kentaro is also a certified accountant.

  • Pote LeeInternational Adviser

    Mr. Pote Lee, a Bangkok based entrepreneur, is the Chairman of the iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd – a leading provider of research information resources and library technologies. From the mid 1980s, Lee has grown the iGroup into a multinational company with offices in sixteen countries. The iGroup also offers antiplagiarism solutions to academia and the publishing industry.

And others (Medical, pharmaceutical, life science, physics, and IT researchers)