At LPixel, we are serious about creating an exciting and comfortable workplace for all our employees. More importantly, we place great emphasis on building an empowering work environment and delivering amazing perks that fit the needs of our employees.

Under our corporate mission to “bring innovation and excitement from the world of research”, we not just take the current welfare programs for granted, but are constantly under the process of reviewing them to provide an even better work enviornment for each and every member. See below for the complete list of benefits that sets us apart from other companies.

Professional Development

  • Training Programs

    For new graduates, we provide training programs to help them gain the basic skills required to kick-start their career.

  • IMACEL Academy

    Held every Saturday, IMACEL Academy is designed for our engineers and interns to host discussions on tech-based topics, such as deep learning.

  • External Workshops

    To gain more knowledge in the field, we encourage employees to partake in events and conferences held outside of the office. All fees are reimbursed.

  • Academic Materials

    We offer full support for purchasing books and materials for business and personal development. From business to technical books and magazines, all genres are accepted.

  • Tuition Fees

    If requirements are met, we will reimburse your tuition required to complete your master’s or Ph.D. at a national university in Japan. Click here for details.

  • English Training Programs

    Various levels of English training programs, such as group discussions with external trainers, are provided to help employees to master their English skills.

Flexible Work Arrangements

  • Dual Employment

    From running a side business to working only on weekends or weekday nights, we offer a variety of flexible employment options.

  • Office Environment Support

    Employees are able to choose their own PC, chairs, and other supplies that help maximize their work performance. The refreshing space is available for use anytime.

  • Child Care Support

    Employees can make use of babysitting services at discount prices. Services will be provided by members of the All Japan Childcare Services Association.

Health Benefits

  • Medical Check Up

    Employees can consult our partnering clinics for brain dock medical checkup services.

  • Housing Subsidies

    For a stress-free commute, a monthly housing subsidy of 20,000JPY is offered for employees living within walking distance from the office.

  • Happy Lunches

    In efforts to support interdepartmental communication, we provide special lunches for everyone every Thursday.

  • Free Beverages

    Free beverages such as coffee, tea, vegetable juice, and water are provided in the office.

  • Gym Membership

    Our employees are welcomed to use the fitness facilities in Tokyo Dome City for free. Click here for details.

We are working on providing a wider spectrum of benefits for building a great company culture.