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iLPixel Releases ImaChek, a Suite of Image Analysis Solutions

Tokyo, Japan – September 22, 2017 – iLPixel Global, the joint venture established between iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. and LPixel Inc., releases ImaChek, a suite of image analysis solutions for promoting scientific integrity and detecting image misconduct. Free trials are available for all first-time users of ImaChek Pro.
ImaChek Pro: Tapping into advanced image analysis algorithms, the system automates the process to detect reutilized images. Users simply upload their primary images, and the system will process and identify those that may have potential issues.
ImaChek Premium: This on-demand service aims to help clients carry out in-depth investigation of reutilized or manipulated images in life sciences research publications. Users can submit images for closer inspection at iLPixel. Our experienced specialists will provide detailed analysis and reports according to users’ needs.
LPixel is also developing solutions for publishers. Named ImaCheck for Publishers, this solution will allow publishers to integrate ImaChek Pro with their designated peer review systems and publishing platforms. It also enables publishers to upload their proprietary content to be safely stored in the cloud. ImaChek for Publishers will be available in 2018.
iLPixel Global is also dedicated to educating researchers and the public on research integrity, image rights and best practices in handling images. Users can access a collection of articles and videos and updates about related seminars and other events from the iLPixel website at
About iLPixel
iLPixel Global is a joint venture between iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. and LPixel Inc. This young company has been developing innovative image analysis solutions for promoting scientific integrity and detecting image misconduct. See more at:

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Angel Chang
iLPixel Global Pte. Ltd
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