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LPixel Enters Capital Agreement with Canon Medical Systems

Tokyo, Japan – November 15, 2018 – LPixel Inc., a leader in image analysis and processing technology in life science and medical research, has announced today that it has entered into a capital alliance with Canon Medical Systems. Through this partnership, LPixel will promote the mid to long term business collaboration with Canon Medical Systems by expanding into the global and domestic markets for its AI medical image diagnostic support technology, EIRL, and aim for the smooth delivery and after-sales services of its technologies to medical institutions.

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Founded in March 2014, LPixel is a University of Tokyo spin-off that hones its expertise in life science image analysis. LPixel unifies artificial intelligence and its image analysis technologies to develop and provide advanced software for researchers and professionals in the life science industry, including the medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors. LPixel is currently working in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, the National Cancer Center Japan and other research institutions to further the development of its AI-powered medical diagnosis technology. For more information, please visit
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EIRL analyzes a wide range of medical data to provide an accurate and efficient diagnosis. EIRL aims to be the closest partner to all doctors, and serve as another powerful set of eyes to provide top quality medical care.
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IMACEL instantly processes and analyzes of a large volume of images, creating an environment that enables researchers to focus on their research. Extensive knowledge on image analysis technologies is not a requirement to get started with IMACEL.



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