We provide top-tier image analysis and medical image diagnostic solutions to help support your research in the life science sector, including the medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural fields.


IMACEL is a cloud-based image analysis platform that seamlessly integrates AI technology to drastically enhance the speed and quality of your research.


  • Cloud platform enables the provision of the most up-to-date algorithms
  • Improved accuracy with repeated analysis
  • Automatic classification of objects based on the characteristics of the images
  • Batch analysis for extracting quantitative data from multiple images
  • Downloadable analysis reports in PDF format for use in research papers

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[Research and development]
LPixel is developing an AI-based medical image diagnostic support system, Eirl. Through this techology, LPixel aims to bring accuracy and efficiency to the medical diagnosis process by effectively utilizing big data from the medical field including CTs, MRIs, endoscopy and pathology images. With aims to obtain medical device approval for EIRL, LPixel hopes to prevail its highly accurate and efficient medical image diagnostic support technologies.

Under Development

  • Brain
  • Lungs
  • Breasts
  • Liver
  • Large Intestine
  • Pathology
  • Others

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This powerful software instills top-tier image analysis technology to detect signs of inappropriate manipulations in images used in life science research. Users have the option to select from the online version (LP-Exam), or the offline version (LP-Exam Pro), namely LP-Exam Pro.


  • Detection of manipulated images
  • Quick analysis for a large number of images
  • Automatic examination of selected files
  • Degree of manipulation displayed
  • Exportation of CSV file
  • Three plans available

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From LP-Exam to LP-Classifier, the LP-series encompasses a wide variety of other software to assist your research needs.

LP-Series Product Lineup

  • LP-Exam
  • LP-Classifier
  • LP-Growth、LP-Rhizo
  • LP-StackLine
  • LP-Tracking

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