We are dedicated to bringing speed and efficiency back into the world of life science research and maximizing the time researchers can spend on hands-on research.

  • LP-Exam

    An innovative, sophisticated tool designed to detect signs of inappropriate manipulations in scientific image data.

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  • LP-Classifier

    The seamless integration of machine learning technology allows for quick and simplified cell classification.

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LPixel provides an array of software to support your research needs.

Our lineup of software can be installed and used at the convenience of your own computer. We will provide tailor-made services to assist your research. Please contact us for more details.


Automatically measure a wide variety of phenotypic data including the height, width, surface area, perimeter, complexity and total number of leaves from an image of a plant captured from a fixed point.


Use the images of roots taken with scanners and digital cameras to determine the length and number of roots, all of which can be stratified based on the thickness of the root. (Usable on ImageJ).


Measure the three dimensional distance between two selected points from stacked 3D image data. (Usable on ImageJ).


This tool uses time-sequential imagery to follow the movement of objects to help users visualize its track.


This software automatically measures the quantitative representation of colour, the colour uniformity, and size of the objects found in the image.


A MetaMorph plugin that quantitatively evaluates comet assays taken from fluorescence images.