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LPIXEL wants to present a third, new career option for researchers, which neither resides in academia nor a large corporation. LPIXEL aims to create a research world full of speed and viability, which can enrich society, enhance the well-being of, and heighten the excitement of people. LPIXEL will continue to conduct research with this belief in mind.



  • Craft the Ideal, Shape the Future

    Envision the ideal future, and strive to achieve it.
    Actively pursue new challenges.

  • Make a Positive Impact, Together

    Create a positive impact, both within our company and beyond.
    Empower each other to achieve our goals as a team.

  • Execute with Professionalism

    Work with fairness and integrity.
    Reflect on each day, improving ourselves for the next.






The overlapping colors in the logo represent the synergy created by LPIXEL's core technologies, which are the in the life sciences and image analysis. The innovative solutions created by the unison of the two core technologies are symbolic of the company's efforts to spread new values to society.

The logo, characterized by its bold, original type face, represents LPIXEL's unwavering will to resolve what the company feels are the society's biggest problems. The logo is also representative of LPIXEL’s attitude to value reliability as a company, despite being a startup.


Life Sciences & IT Leading the 21st Century
The world was all about chemical discoveries during the 19th century, while the spotlight was on physics throughout the 20th century. I feel that it is about time that we shed light on the life sciences and IT for the coming century. In the 19th century, we were exposed to the concept of elements in chemistry, and discovered a good majority of the elements listed on the infamous periodic table. Both of these events played a key role in supporting the industrial revolution of our society. Electrons were later discovered in the 20th century, and the rapid industrialization catalyzed by significant advancements in physics greatly enriched our lives. We started to see the significance of life science research around the 21st century, as we were exposed to terms such as reconstructive medicine, genome mapping and gene therapy. Some people even suggest that life science research prospered due to developments in information technology.
Change the BigData!
We are constantly surrounded by very large amounts of data. This enormous collection of data, or “big data” has become a social issue due to the increasing number, complexity and diversity of such data. As a society, we have devised several ways to make effective use of this immense repository of data. Recent calculations have revealed that the amount of data has increased 40 fold worldwide in the past 10 years. This tendency is raising a lot of concerns in the research community as well. With microscopes, MRIs, research and other medical devices increasing in functionalities and image capturing capabilities, we can obtain even more data. However, this may actually be furthering the complications associated with big data. We aim to alleviate this issue by using our 10 years of knowledge and experience accumulated throughout our research in the bio-imaging field. We have managed to create an impressive track record by using unique algorithms, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies acquired throughout our studies in the laboratory. Our company’s greatest strengths lie in possessing the expertise in both the life sciences field and image processing technology. I believe this unique combination will enable us to innovate and bring excitement to the world in a way that no other company can.
Yuki Shimahara

Sincerely, 2014

Excitement from Research
Our goal is to continue to be the world’s best provider in image processing and analysis technology for the life sciences. As LPIXEL, however, we want to be known more than just a life image processing and analysis company-we want to bring colossal change to the world of research. Despite the strong need and value of research in our world, researchers are not the most blessed in terms of career opportunities, education, funding and personal connections. Though we all understand the importance of advancements in research, our society may not be so welcoming to researchers who work in self-confined environments. Though it has not changed for decades, we aim to change the researcher’s working environment, and make the world a better place for everyone. Many may wonder exactly how we are going to make this change. We may not have a definite answer to this question now, but I am certain that we are in need of change, and that nothing will happen unless we take action. We are in the middle of generating our hypothesis for this solving this societal trend, and preparing for the next big step. We want to change the world research as a whole, and that we can start from small changes to make this happen. Our mission to bring Excitement from research has just begun.
Yuki Shimahara

Sincerely, 2014


Cutting-Edge Technologies that Lead Future Medical Diagnosis
EIRL analyzes a wide range of medical data to provide an accurate and efficient diagnosis. EIRL aims to be the closest partner to all doctors, and serve as another powerful set of eyes to provide top quality medical care.
AI Accelerating
Phase R&D
IMACEL, an image analysis AI, helps to solve various issues in the drug discovery process.
Life science and AI experts support successful AI implementation.



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A Third Career Option for Researchers