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LPixel CEO Highlighted on Cover of Forbes Asia

Tokyo, Japan – May 21, 2017 – LPixel Inc., a leader in image processing and analysis technology in life science and medical research, is pleased to announce that the company CEO, Yuki Shimahara, was featured on the cover of the May 2017 edition of Forbes Asia.

Forbes Asia is a business magazine that features the latest in Asian markets, economy, government, business and finance. Yuki was selected as the feature honoree for the Healthcare & Science category for Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2017, and is also featured in the magazine.

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Upcoming Events
On June 5 at 7:00 pm (Japan Time), LPixel Inc. will be hosting a MeetUp featuring special appearances by three Chief Office Executives who were highlighted in this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia. Those interested in AI, VR, and IoTs are strongly encouraged to join. Sign up for the event here

About LPixel
LPixel is a leader in advanced image analysis and processing technology encompassing the life science field. Founded in March 2014, LPixel is dedicated to offering research facilities top-tier image analysis technologies and medical diagnosis support systems, both of which adopt advanced AI technology. The company is currently working with the National Cancer Center Japan and other research institutions to further the development of AI-based medical diagnosis software. For more information, please visit


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