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LPIXEL Installs Annotation Tool at 7 Universities for the National Database for Diagnostic Imaging

Tokyo, Japan – June 27, 2019 – LPIXEL Inc., a leader in image analysis and processing technology in life science and medical research, is pleased to announce that it has officially installed its annotation system to the 7 universities* participating in the research led by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) titled, “ICT infrastructure establishment and implementation of artificial intelligence for clinical and medical research.ICT infrastructure establishment and implementation of artificial intelligence for clinical and medical research.” This research involves the development of a national database that consolidates CT (computed topography) images from each of the 7 universities, and an annotation tool for labelling graphical features in the images. In this research, LPIXEL contributed to the development and installation of the annotation system.

The cloud version of the annotation system will also be available for sale.

About the National Database for Diagnostic Imaging
Image data taken at medical institutions across Japan is generally contained within the institution, and is inaccessible from other institutions. The aim of this research is to create a system that medical institutions can use in the future to view image data from other institutions. First, CT images and diagnostic reports from the representative universities are anonymized, and then stored on a server at Kyushu University via a highly secure internet connection. This data will be used to conduct research on data quantification and develop diagnostic techniques that instill AI (artificial intelligence).

* Participating universities (random order)
Kyushu University, Juntendo University, Okayama University, Keio University, Osaka University, Kyoto University, the University of Tokyo

Main Features of the Annotation System
1.Inclusion of basic annotation features
2.Accessible via a browser from any device by multiple users
3.Extendable contracts based on the duration of research

Screenshot of the annotation tool

Inquiries regarding the Annotation System
LPIXEL Inc. Business Development Department
TEL: 03-6259-1713

Founded in March 2014, LPIXEL is a University of Tokyo spin-off that hones its expertise in life science image analysis. LPIXEL unifies artificial intelligence and its image analysis technologies to develop and provide advanced software for researchers and professionals in the life science industry, including the medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors. LPIXEL is currently working in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, the National Cancer Center Japan and other research institutions to further the development of its AI-powered medical diagnosis technology. For more information, please visit

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